Company Health Services

Company Health Services in Pease Pottage offers a variety of occupational health services to employers, including:

  • screening employees or potential employees for health problems
  • testing for illnesses arising from potentially dangerous work, such as painting, road breaking, working with fibreglass, cadmium plating, and the motor trade
  • providing vaccinations for certain occupations and for foreign travel
  • investigating employees who are absent through sickness
  • site visits to identify potential causes of health problems
  • advice on compliance with health and safety requirements

Location and Car Parking

Company Health Services are based at the Pavilions, a small industrial estate opposite Bridges car scrap yard on Brighton Road in Pease Pottage. The Pavilions contains plenty of car parking:

Contact Details

no email
01293 613414
Unit 1, The Pavilions, Brighton Road, Pease Pottage, Sussex, RH11 9BJ

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