D F Warehouses

DF Warehouse in Pease Pottage

D F Warehouses in Pease Pottage offer cold storage warehousing services to the food industry. They are situated next to a similar business, PML Cold Store.

Articulated lorries visit D F Warehouses frequently, causing some disruption to traffic going to and from the new housing estates on Old Brighton Road South. The lorries have to make a tight left turn immediately after crossing the bridge over the A23, then an awkward reversing manoeuvre into the yard.

D F Warehouses’ head office is in Lowfield Heath, by the southern perimeter of Gatwick Airport.



The site currently occupied by the D F Warehouse building used to be:

Contact Details

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01293 540686
Old Brighton Road South, Pease Pottage, Sussex, RH11 9NG

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