Car Parking

A handful of car parking spaces in Pease Pottage have been provided next to the public phone box close to the bridge over the A23.

Free parking is available at the motorway service station for up to 2 hours. If you intend to stay longer than 2 hours, you will need to buy a ticket in advance which entitles you to park for 24 hours.

A small amount of parking is available at Finches Field on Old Brighton Road South, although this gets used up quickly when there is a football match on.

The Black Swan car park is for patrons only, although it won’t do any harm to ask for permission to park there.

There is only a limited amount of road space available for parking, on Old Brighton Road North and South. Parish Lane contains several muddy layby areas.

Inconsiderate Parking on Horsham Road

In March 2011, the Sussex police issued the following notice:

We have received a number of complaints from residents of Pease Pottage regarding inconsiderate parking of vehicles along Horsham Road. We are told that there have been incidents where parents with pushchairs have had to walk in the road because of cars obstructing the pavement.

We are aware that the majority of properties have off-street parking, and would ask that they are used. On the occasions when it is necessary to park on the road, please ensure that there is full access for pedestrians on the pavement. This includes those using wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs.

Vehicles parked on the road reduce the opportunity for other vehicles to exceed the speed limit, which is another complaint from many residents.

Any car found to be causing a complete obstruction is liable to receive a fixed penalty notice, and in severe cases may be removed altogether.

Any complaints about inconsiderate parking should be made to the Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0845 60 70 999.

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