Very short cycle lane in Pease Pottage

Cycling in Pease Pottage:

  • National Cycle Route 20
  • London to Brighton Bike Ride
  • The world’s shortest cycle lane

National Cycle Route 20

Part of National Cycle Route 20, which will eventually connect London and Brighton, runs through Pease Pottage.

Part of the Crawley section normally goes through Tilgate Forest, where it emerges near the bottom of Parish Lane, although this route has sometimes been diverted while the Forestry Commission were working in Tilgate Forest. The route continues along Brighton Road towards Handcross.

London to Brighton Bike Ride

The London to Brighton Bike Ride sometimes passes through Pease Pottage, although the precise route varies from year to year. The ride normally takes place in June.

The World’s Shortest Cycle Lane

Pease Pottage has the honour of possessing what may be one of the world’s shortest cycle lanes, which can be found on the slip road leading from the A23 southbound just south of the village.

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