Handcross District Community Bus

The Handcross District Community Bus is a regular service linking Pease Pottage and surrounding villages with Crawley, Horsham and Burgess Hill. It runs on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and also offers occasional day trips to local attractions.

The pick-up point in Pease Pottage is opposite the the Black Swan.


The following timetables were taken from the Slaugham Parish News of December 2010, and were correct at the time of writing. The Warninglid website also contains timetables, but these had last been updated in 2004.

For up-to-date details, contact Handcross Hardware and Craft on 01444 400212.

For other bus services linking Pease Pottage with the outside world, see the Metro Bus page.

Handcross Community Bus : Monday
(Handcross and Balcombe to Horsham)
Stop 1st Service 2nd Service
Balcombe 0857
Handcross, Royal Oak 1010
Pease Pottage, Black Swan 0915 1018
Handcross, Red Lion 0920
Colgate, Dragon Inn 1025
Horsham (Carfax) 0945 1040
Return from Horsham 1145 1310
Handcross Community Bus : Wednesday
(Pease Pottage to Horsham)
Stop Time
Pease Pottage, Black Swan 0935
Handcross, Royal Oak 0942
Staplefield, Victory Inn 0949
Bolney, post office 0957
Slaugham, church 1005
Warninglid, Half Moon 1010
Horsham 1034
Return from Horsham 1234
Handcross Community Bus : Thursday Morning
(Handcross to Crawley)
Stop Time
Handcross, Royal Oak 1000
Pease Pottage, Black Swan 1011
Broadfield 1018
Crawley 1028
Return from Crawley 1110
Handcross Community Bus : Thursday Afternoon
(Pease Pottage to Burgess Hill)
Stop Time
Pease Pottage, Black Swan 1400
Balcombe 1415
Handcross, Royal Oak 1432
Staplefield 1438
Slaugham 1442
Warninglid 1445
Bolney 1455
Burgess Hill 1510
Return from Burgess Hill 1645
Handcross Community Bus : Friday
(Pease Pottage to Horsham)
Stop Time
Pease Pottage, Black Swan 1235
Handcross, Royal Oak 1242
Staplefield 1249
Bolney 1257
Slaugham 1305
Warninglid 1310
Horsham 1334
Return from Horsham 1534

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01444 400212
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