Open Haus Kitchens

Open Haus, Pease Pottage

Open Haus Kitchens occupy the former Church of the Ascension building opposite the Black Swan pub, previously occupied by Portsdown and Radmat Building Products.

Location and Directions

From the M23 (at junction 11) or the A23:

  1. Follow the signs towards Pease Pottage.
  2. Go past the motorway service station.
  3. Take the third exit (i.e. turn right) at the small roundabout.
  4. As you cross the bridge over the A23, you’ll see the Black Swan ahead of you. Open Haus Kitchens is directly opposite the pub, to your left. It contains a small car park.

Contact Details

01293 511804
Horsham Road, Pease Pottage, Sussex

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