T. Haynes, Florist

T. Haynes Florist

Tim Haynes’s flower shop in Pease Pottage offers flowers for all occasions, and is open for long hours almost every day of the year.

The shop is situated next to the Black Swan pub, by the entrance to Black Swan Close.

Parking is available to the left of the shop as you approach it (spaces to the right are for residents only).

Florists in Pease Pottage

Pease Pottage has a long history of selling flowers to those travelling through the village. Barry Ray’s Slaugham Archives website includes an image taken over a hundred years ago, showing the first florist’s shop in the village. It was an annexe to Weald Cottage, situated on the other side of the Black Swan to the existing shop. The shop windows still exist, next to the pub’s car park.

The website also includes an image of about 30 flower sellers outside the pub in 1925.

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Regents Place, Pease Pottage, Sussex, RH11 9AJ

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