Recycling and Rubbish Collection

Rubbish and material for recycling is collected by Serco, a public-subsidy, private-profit organisation, on behalf of Mid Sussex District Council.

Collection Schedule

Wheelie bins are normally collected on Mondays in Pease Pottage, with recyclable material collected one week and landfill rubbish the next. The schedule is not affected by bank holidays, except around Christmas and New Year. An up-to-date calendar of collection dates in PDF can sometimes be found on the Mid Sussex District Council website.

Landfill and Recycling Items

The landfill collection can accept normal household detritus, but NOT clinical or garden waste, electrical goods, or large household items.

The recycling collection can accept plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, glass, cans, aluminium foil and tetra-paks.

Garden Waste

Mid Sussex District Council offers a collection service for garden waste in either sacks or wheelie bins, at a cost of about £1 per week. There is currently a waiting list. See the council’s website for details.

There is a composting service for those who are able to transport their garden waste, at KPS Composting, located at Hardriding Farm in Pease Pottage, opposite the motorway service station. A charge will be made.

Nearest Rubbish and Recycling Depots

Both sites accept almost all types of rubbish, including items that the domestic collection service will not accept.

Refuse Freighter

A refuse freighter is scheduled to appear in various locations within Slaugham parish, though not Pease Pottage. For dates and locations, see the Slaugham Parish Council website.

Fly Tipping

Some of the quieter roads within Pease Pottage are often used as ad hoc rubbish tips. To report such behaviour, please contact Mid Sussex District Council.

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