Nymans Garden

Nyman's house and garden, Handcross, Sussex

Nymans Garden in Handcross, just a couple of miles south of Pease Pottage, is one of the most attractive National Trust properties in Sussex.

Nymans contains:

  • a diverse and well-maintained garden
  • extensive woodland
  • a large mock-Tudor house, part of which is inhabited and part of which has been a picturesque ruin since a fire in 1947


  • a shop and garden centre
  • a restaurant
  • toilets
  • car parking
  • disabled access
  • wheelchairs and a mobility buggy
  • iPod audio guides


Events take place throughout the year, including:

  • open-air theatre
  • croquet
  • children’s events
  • photography workshops
  • horticultural workshops

Opening Hours (2024)

According to the National Trust website, the Nymans estate is open from 10am to 5pm. Some areas, such as the gallery and the second-hand bookshop, open an hour or so later or close an hour or so earlier. Last admission is 30 minutes before closing time. The house, but not the garden, is closed over the winter.

Admission Prices (2024)

  • National Trust members: free
  • Adults (i.e. those aged 17 or over): £18.00
  • Children aged between 5 and 16: £9.00
  • Children aged under 5: free of charge
  • One adult and up to 3 children: £27.00

The National Trust website mentions three other categories, without explaining what they mean:

  • ‘Family’ ticket : £45.00
  • ‘Group Adult’ ticket: £16.20
  • ‘Group Child’ ticket: £8.10

Visitors may opt for Gift Aid admission: the payment of a small extra fee which allows the National Trust to recover a tax subsidy on the whole amount paid.

Residents of Slaugham parish used to be able to apply for local residents’ card which entitled them to free admission to Nymans. From 2015, this was available only to residents of Handcross. The National Trust website appears to contain no information about this, so you may need to contact Nymans directly.

Location, Directions and Parking

Nymans Garden in Handcross is easily accessible:

  • By Car: Nymans is on the B2114, just south of Handcross High Street on the way to Staplefield, and contains a sizeable car park.
  • By Bus: Metrobus services 271 (Crawley to and from Haywards Heath) and the Handcross Community Bus stop almost directly outside the entrance. Metrobus service 273 (Crawley to and from Brighton) stops near Truggers, a couple of minutes’ walk away. For up-to-date information, see https://www.metrobus.co.uk/services
  • By Bike: National Cycle Route 20 passes along the B2114 immediately outside Nymans.
  • The nearest Railway Station is at Crawley, about 5 miles to the north. Three Bridges railway station is about 6 miles away, Balcombe station is 5 miles away, and Haywards Heath station about 7 miles away. The only direct link to Nymans by public transport is from Crawley station: the bus station is just over the road from the railway station. You can expect to find taxis at all of these stations apart from Balcombe.

Visitors arriving at Nymans by bicycle, public transport or electric car used to be able to claim a free cup of tea or coffee in the restaurant, but this feature is no longer mentioned on the National Trust website.

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Contact Details

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