What Pease Pottage Does Not Have

Well, there is quite a long list, but here are some of the things you won’t find in Pease Pottage :

A Doctors’ or Dentists’ Surgery

The nearest GP surgery is in Handcross, and there are many others in Crawley. The nearest dentists are in Crawley.

The nearest accident and emergency location is at Crawley Hospital, about 4 miles to the north.

A Church

There used to be two churches in Pease Pottage at different times:

The nearest churches to Pease Pottage are:

Crawley contains a number of churches of various denominations, as well as mosques and other religious buildings. See http://crawley.cyng.org.uk/CR-Religion.html for details.

A Village Shop

The Woodgate Community Shop was built on the Woodgate estate, but at the time of writing it awaits adequate funding, and is empty.

There is currently one proper shop in the village, but it only sells flowers. The Moto service station sells newspapers and a limited range of foodstuffs.

A Hairdresser

The nearest hairdressers and barbers are:

Update: As of March 2012, there is a barber in Pease Pottage.

Other Things You Won’t Find in Pease Pottage

Pease Pottage also lacks:

  • a conference centre
  • an abbatoir
  • an ice-skating rink
  • a museum dedicated to the history of garden furniture

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